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How I Cashed Out the Bangbet Mega Prize to My Phone: Beginning to End 

Bangbet is celebrating 4th Year in the African Market. The best odds betting platform has a footprint in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda( and Nigeria. Therefore, the platform as generosity is in their policy, launched the Promotional event called: Share Mega Prize. Here is a step-by-step guide on user joining to cash out the prize. Hope it will help you and share with your friend who may need this. The example below is based on a user in Kenya, however, the same steps are in other countries, except the amount and currency that will change.

View 1: Getting Started on Bangbet

Hello, future winners! Welcome to the ultimate guide to unlocking a treasure trove of bonuses on Bangbet. If you’re venturing into the Bangbet world for the first time, get ready for a fuss-free registration process. Just a couple of clicks and you’ll be where the action is. For the Bangbet veterans, it’s just a matter of logging back into your realm of endless possibilities.

Now, let’s talk registration. It’s as simple as pie. Hit the sign-up button, fill in the essentials—username, password, and the usual details—and you’re in. Remember, double-check those details. You wouldn’t want your winnings going to the wrong place, would you?

Once you’re all set up, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the interface. It’s user-friendly, but there’s always something new to discover. The first time I logged in, I felt like a kid in a candy store, with all those vibrant banners and the promise of big wins.

View 2: Navigating to the Right Spot

After logging in, you’ll find yourself in the lobby of opportunities. But where’s the magic button? It’s hiding in plain sight at the bottom-right corner of your screen, labeled ‘Me’. Click on it, and it’s like stepping through the wardrobe into Narnia, only this magical land is filled with bonuses and big wins.

The ‘Me’ section is your dashboard, your mission control. It’s where you can track your bets, manage your account, and, most importantly, tap into those exclusive bonuses. The design is sleek, the navigation is intuitive, and everything you need is right at your fingertips.

View 3: Dive into Hot Events

Now, for the pulse-racing part—’Hot Events’. Here lies the ‘Share Mega Prize’ event, your gateway to some serious bonus action. You’ll find it featured on the homepage banners, a star among stars in the top menu under promotions, or in the Hot Events section just waiting for you to click it.

This event isn’t just another promotion; it’s a community experience. It’s where the excitement bubbles and the stakes get higher. Every click feels like the drumroll before the jackpot hits.

Check: Share Mega Prize in Hot Events

View 4: Share and Earn More

The ‘Share get More’ banner is not just a call to action; it’s a promise of reward. When you click on this, you’re taking the first step towards multiplying your bonuses. The more you share, the more you stand to gain. It’s a network of fortune that expands with every friend you bring into the Bangbet fold.

It was exhilarating the first time I clicked that banner. It felt like setting sail on a voyage, with my friends as my crew, heading towards Bonus Island.

Click “Share get MORE”

View 5: Creating Your Personal Share Link

The magic happens when you create your share link. This unique code is like a secret handshake between you and your friends that says, ‘Welcome to the club, and here’s your welcome gift.’ Creating this link is your first act of sharing—the seed from which your bonus tree will grow.

I remember generating my link and considering it my invitation to a VIP betting party. It was a moment of pride, and anticipation buzzed in the air.

I have Generated a link and I share this link with my friends.

View 6: Spreading the Joy to Friends

This step is where you become the bearer of good news. Share your personalized link across your favorite social platforms. WhatsApp group chats light up when they see the chance for free bets. Twitter feeds buzz with the excitement of sports betting. Facebook friends get to see another side of you—the savvy bettor with bonuses to share.

When I shared my link for the first time, the responses from friends were instant. Some were curious, some were eager, and all were excited. It’s social, it’s fun, and it’s rewarding.

View 7: Mutual Wins for Everyone

It’s a win-win situation when your friends join through your link. They get to start with a bonus, and you get to add another to your stash. It’s like a thank you note from Bangbet that keeps on writing itself.

Seeing my friends join and knowing that we all got bonuses just added to the sense of community. It’s a shared experience that goes beyond the bets and games—it’s about the bonds.

Screenshot of sharing with my friends

View 8: Counting the Bonus Bucks

Let’s talk numbers because, in the end, betting is about the potential wins. Sharing your link could mean a steady stream of bonuses flowing into your account. The sum you collect depends on how many friends you invite and how active they become. It’s as if each friend you bring on board plants a money tree in your backyard.

From personal experience, the more I shared, the more my account flourished. It was like watching my betting empire grow—one friend at a time.

So far I earned three bonuses totaling 300 KES

View 9: Coupon Commandments

Here’s where strategy meets luck. When you have your coupons ready, it’s game on. Every match on Bangbet becomes an opportunity to use your Free Bet. If you strike it lucky, the initial coupon value is yours to withdraw.

Navigating the coupon rules was a breeze. I learned that I could withdraw as much as I had previously invested. It made me appreciate every bet I had placed in the past—it was all building up to this moment.

9.1 Your Ticket to Any Game

 I’ve always been a fan of flexibility in my betting adventures, and with Bangbet, I got just that. Whether it’s the English Premier League, NBA, or even local leagues, the Bangbet bonus is like an all-access pass. I’ve used my free bets on games I’m passionate about, which not only makes the whole experience more enjoyable but also gives me a better shot at winning since I’m betting on what I know best. Every match is an opportunity, and with Bangbet, you do get to play the field.

When you Click Use Coupon, you are sent to Games, here I bet now

9.2 Pick, Click, and Bet!

 I remember the first time I used a Bangbet coupon; it felt like tapping into a secret stash. Once I chose a coupon, a simple click turned it into a free bet. It’s like Bangbet hands you the keys to a treasure chest, and all you’ve got to do is unlock it. The thrill of placing a bet without dipping into your pocket is a game-changer. It’s all about making that choice and taking the shot—without any of the risk.

When the bonus is applied, you See the Button changed to Free Bet, here you are 100% sure that you are using your bonus, not your cash to bet.

When you are betting from your balance, this is what you see, so remember to check the difference. If any event, you see Place Bet instead of Free Bet, remind yourself that the bonus is not applied. So restart the steps.

Use the bonus and Click to Bet when the Bet is accepted, this is what u see

You can go back and check the results, when the coupon has been used it becomes 0(if u use all of it) and the game is Unsettle(waiting for the game to complete and know if you won)

The lucky man I own this game

I used another bonus and Won again, just check Bet History for the games you won and Open Bets for games awaiting to be completed.

9.3 Cashing Out Like a Boss

 There’s something incredibly satisfying about winning from a free bet. It’s the thrill of the win with none of the stakes. With Bangbet, when I win big, I can pull out the amount of my free bet in cold, hard cash. It’s like the platform is saying, “Here’s your stake back, go enjoy your winnings.” This rule is a testament to Bangbet’s fairness—giving back what you’ve put in and letting the joy of the win sink in.

I won two bets

9.4 Quick Approval Times

 Patience might be a virtue, but when it comes to cashing out, I like things to move fast. Bangbet seems to understand that. They process approvals swiftly, usually within a day. That means no nail-biting waits to see your winnings. I’ve had friends wait days with other platforms, but Bangbet keeps the momentum going. Quick, efficient, and hassle-free—that’s been my experience, and it’s kept the fun in betting.

After submission: the review starts. PS: One working day is enough to be approved, even less.

I applied for withdrawal, it was a 100 KES bonus so I can withdraw 100 KES

9.5 Loyalty Pays Off

 One thing I respect about Bangbet is how they reward loyalty. The total amount you can withdraw from your bonus winnings is linked to your betting history. It’s like a loyalty card at your favorite coffee shop but for betting. The more you’ve played, the more you can cash out. This policy not only encourages regular play but also makes each bet part of a larger journey. It’s Bangbet’s way of saying, “Thanks for sticking with us.”

View 10: The Sweet Sound of Success

The real fun begins when you withdraw your winnings. Whether it’s playing Aviator Plus or any other game, it’s about smart play. Withdrawing the cash was straightforward, and deciding where to invest my winnings was thrilling.

Sharing the link continued to pay off, as the more friends joined, the more I won. It was like a cycle of fortune, powered by the simple act of sharing. I couldn’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment with every new bonus I earned.

In Bangbet’s world of bonuses, every share is a step closer to a win, and every friend you bring is a reason to celebrate. Ready to start your own bonus journey? Let’s dive in and share the Bangbet mega prize!

Hope this gives you a clearer, more engaging insight into what it’s like to dive into the bonuses at Bangbet. Each of these aspects has been designed to enhance your betting experience, making every game and every bet something to look forward to. 

If you like this content please share, if you are in Kenya and want us together, use this link to join Bangbet, I win and you do Win too.

If you are in other countries, just go and start your own link and Make Yourself and Your friend Mega WIN-WIN!

Octavien Mukiza
Octavien Mukiza
Predictions Expert, won Mega Jackport several times, Sport Enthousiast and write much on betting and casino guide.


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